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  by Ben Doller

  Insert every
  where ‘con

  tempt’ for ‘a
  ttempt,’ ­that

  is, garage
  door lurch,

  steep heat
  lost, teeth

  can’t chip
  the lung

  ellipse once
  the sentence

  is begun:
  it takes

  just one
  (word, blurt)

  to detest
  the gap

  you say­­––
  I mean

  I say––
  to hate

  the way
  it never

  works. Well,
  ‘hate’ may

  be too
  strong a

  word. More
  like the disease

  of speed
  on black

  ice. The
  unease you

  know will
  kill you.

  I mean
  me. Hello

  I say
  though it

  seems far
  a way

  a sort
  of hell

  gleams, fades,
  and waits.

    Mantis 11

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