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Where does it come from and what does it consist of?

  (Dominique Moïsi)

  by H.L. Hix

  Each leads back to the source of the source,
  or would lead if what wants to return could.
  The crevices that pock the bluff’s gray face
  that makes the rise the river bends around,
  the bluff aswarm with swallows, no crevice
  not nested over, modified by mud,
  the whole fizzing, reconfiguring space
  above a river long reconfigured.
  Those crevices, that accommodating calm,
  but the cave’s mouth, too, inconspicuous
  until each dusk’s hundred thousand bats swarm,
  its shadow exhaled, darkness to darkness.
  And the crumbling canyon over whose rim
  occasionally a condor rises.

    Mantis 13

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